Queen’s Gauntlet, or “No I’ll try just once more, it might go well” to infinity   Leave a comment


Hello all!

I hope you’ve been enjoying the latest patch as much as I have! I’ve been loving the Queen’s Gauntlet and the Crown Pavilion patch so far, and I thought I’d talk about a few of my favorite aspects. It’s amazing how Anet did an excellent job of creating hard-but-not-impossible challenges that suck you in and make you play even more obsessively than before.

I’ll start off with a general description of the Gauntlet and what I liked, and then focus more on Liadri and how I beat her.


   Although at first I was positive that I’d hate the Gauntlet and there were too many bosses and boo-hoo it’d be hard, I ended up loving it. I loved that it’s a 1v1 challenge, so you can’t get away with having pro partymates and that not each build or profession is as strong against some bosses as others…

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Posted September 26, 2013 by Trina Oregeron in Uncategorized

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