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Okay, so I picked up Diablo III this weekend having waited over a year for a console release and so far I’m pretty enthralled in all of its addictive  loot-dropping and bloody monster slaying.  It’s a relatively basic game when you boil it down to its component parts and it hasn’t evolved much from its predecessors in terms of basic game mechanics but that’s certainly not a bad thing in this case.  Blizzard aren’t really of the console world and this is their first trip to the dark side for nearly a decade but you wouldn’t think it.  The game has made the transition from frantic clicking to button mashing mayhem in style.  This isn’t a port, it’s a game that has been carefully redesigned to fit the format of your PS3 or Xbox perfectly, adding new features and keeping the best ones.  Anyway, I’m not trying to write…

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Queen’s Gauntlet, or “No I’ll try just once more, it might go well” to infinity   Leave a comment


Hello all!

I hope you’ve been enjoying the latest patch as much as I have! I’ve been loving the Queen’s Gauntlet and the Crown Pavilion patch so far, and I thought I’d talk about a few of my favorite aspects. It’s amazing how Anet did an excellent job of creating hard-but-not-impossible challenges that suck you in and make you play even more obsessively than before.

I’ll start off with a general description of the Gauntlet and what I liked, and then focus more on Liadri and how I beat her.


   Although at first I was positive that I’d hate the Gauntlet and there were too many bosses and boo-hoo it’d be hard, I ended up loving it. I loved that it’s a 1v1 challenge, so you can’t get away with having pro partymates and that not each build or profession is as strong against some bosses as others…

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7 Reasons I’m One of the Silliest WvWvW Players Out There   Leave a comment


My interest in WvWvW comes and goes, but I’m definitely one of the more idiotic WvWvW players out there. Actually, I’m fairly certain that more experience will improve my performance, but I definitely haven’t learned from these yet :/

1. The terrain hates me. Despite understanding that there are some areas where you cannot jump off cliffs and simply arrive in battle-ready condition at the bottom, I find myself dying/nearly dying/nearly dying in places where enemies help me die enough to realize I should always always always look for stairs.

[As an aside, I was zerging this one time, and I watched an enemy commander lead his entire zerg off of one of those cliffs, so they were practically dead before we even hit them 🙂 Hilarious when it’s someone else!]

2. While I enjoy/obsess about GW2 as much as the next person, I’m definitely no expert on the mechanics…

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Going into PAX this was the game I was most excited to see. Day 1, minute 1 (well after I got by swag bag from the queue room) I headed straight to the Bethesda booth to get in line for the demo. It took an hour and a half of standing on very hard concrete, but it was worth it to get an amazing 20 minute session of playing the game. So worth it, in fact, that I stood in that line again the next day just so I could spend more time looking at the game again. Now, before I get into an in-depth review of the game, y’all need to understand two things about my perspective. One: I am a primarily an MMO player and a TES player second. I’ve only played Oblivion and Skyrim, and I’ve never actually finished either game despite having spent well over 100…

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Gaming Phanatic

The clannfear is back, joining the increasingly lethal ranks of creatures you’ll face in combat as you adventure across Tamriel. Creating ESO article: http://elderscrollsonline.com/en/news…


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Reviewed – Total War: Rome 2   Leave a comment

Cut Throat Reviews







Having finally torn myself away from the game just long enough to review it, I have to say this: for those worried that Rome 2 may not match up to the beast that was Rome: Total War fear not! It’s every bit as brilliant as it’s predecessor and just as engaging. While I don’t run a high-end machine (yet) I can also allay any fears regarding scale-ability, as my laptop runs the game better than Total War: Shogun 2, although it can slow down depending on battle scale.

So, rather than bore you, dear reader, to death with a long and rambling review (which I could certainly do, given my excitement), here’s a list of the top pros and cons.



– Scale-ability: The game lives up to early promises and plays just as well on low end machines as it does on high…

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